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Letter from Anahí

Dear ÁBACO Parents, Family and Friends.

Welcome to ÁBACO! It is a pleasure to give you this opportunity to learn firsthand about Jardín Ábaco that we offer so children and their family members may find the necessary support in this stage of their education.

I am convinced that quality education is the best way for individuals to discover their greatest strengths and thus find their space in society and contribute in improving it. I know that the kindergartens comply responsibly with the endeavor we will achieve the society we wish to have.

I have worked in educating toddlers for more than 17 years and I am deeply committed to the pre-school and the children. In January 1999, I founded a kindergarten called Etapas at that time. I am a Colombian citizen with a Psychology degree from Massachusetts University and a post-graduate program in Family Therapy. I am also the mother of a boy and a girl who are 14 years old.

I enormously enjoy my work surrounded by children every day that I consider a privilege. Children fill our days with happiness. Educating children is a huge responsibility and challenge. I assume with enormous enthusiasm the responsibility of educating every child attending Jardín Ábaco. It is a great pleasure for me to coach them in their upraising, and to support their families in this upbringing process, as well as seeing the marvelous results produced by teamwork.

Children will grow and mature a lot in the time they spend in ÁBACO. Not only the children, their families, the teaching team and I will also grow by doing our work in the best way possible. The years in the kindergarten turn out to be unforgettable and emotional.

The purpose of maintaining the best level of quality in my work inspires an ongoing interest in updating and refreshing my knowledge. The same happens to all the team. We are committed to improving always and thus enabling the best coaching possible for the children and their family members.

I hope you enjoy this Webpage and that you find it useful when considering all the kindergarten options in Bogotá. Here you may find the things you are seeking in your children’s kindergarten – the first experience away from home. We will give you information on the aspects in our endeavor to care for and stimulate the children. In addition, the points that differentiate us the most as a kindergarten in Bogotá (see the tab: Why ÁBACO?).

I invite you to visit us by filling in the form in the tab: “Contact”

Anahí Urán Bidegain
ÁBACO Founder & Director
Bachelor of Arts, University of Massachusetts

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