Communication with Parents

We are consistently in communication with parents; e-mails, notebooks and phone calls. Parents who bring or pick up their children have the opportunity to speak with the teachers and with Anahí whenever they want.

Messages are delivered whenever there is something important to communicate to parents and likewise, these means may be used by parents to deliver their messages. 

Parents are reminded ahead of time about all the events scheduled in ÁBACO; besides report delivery meetings we make appointments with parents who want a specific management of their child.


Lectures for Parents

In ÁBACO we propose lectures for parents with different themes intending to cover the different bringing up aspects that concern parents and are of everyone’s interest. Some of these themes are:

Bullying and Bullied Children; Discipline & Dialog; Managing Intimacy for a Proper Sexuality Development; Training Children in Values; Detection of sexual abuse and Pain & Grief Management; Nutrition & Sleeping Management.