Tracking our Children

Thorough and well-structured tracking of our children is one of our most differentiation factors. We use as a tracking tool an observation protocol and written records. Our expert team exerts its best efforts to get familiar and understand each child as an individual to identify areas of difficulty as soon as possible. This way, we assist the family in managing the difficulty while assuming our role in helping the children to overcome any difficult they may have. 

At least once a month parents attend the kindergarten and receive new information. The pre-school’s commitment is to be open to receive you and yours to attend these invitations because this will give us all more elements to successfully perform this joint task.



Parents receive 4 reports per year: in October, December, March and June. Reports contain detailed information on the scope of Socio-Affective work; Body-Fine Motor skills; Body-Sensorial and motor skills; Cognitive skills; Communication & Aesthetics (Art & Music Class) showing the process developed by the child in each of the objectives fixed for their corresponding level. Meetings have the priority objective of an information exchange on the child’s development. It is very important for both parents to attend the meeting to receive the report.