Our History

We founded our kindergarten in 1999 and it operated at that same site located at El Chicó neighborhood until 2012. Along those years, the Ábaco Jardín has evolved thanks to the support of all the people who have worked for ÁBACO in different positions.

We moved in January 2013 and we now continue our operations in a new site of our own in the Santa Ana neighborhood as of today.

We summarize below our key indicators:

  • 15 years of operations
  • Children’s ages: 16 months to 5 years
  • 1 accountable adult for every 3 children (The National Association for the Education of Young Children in US recommends having at least 1 accountable adult per every 4 to 9 children ranging in the ages of 2-3 years, and 1 accountable adult for every 8 - 10 children raging the ages of 4-5 years)
  • Average number of teacher seniority (working with us): 8 years
  • Excellent track record with the best Schools in Bogotá 
  • Ample facilities: 650 square meters.
  • Percentage of foreign nationals with children in ÁBACO: 30%
  • Facilities complying with the 2010 Seismic Resistance Standard (NSR2010)