9 Differentiating Factors

Nine points clearly distinguish us out of the other pre-schools in Bogotá:

1. Small, warm and personalized environment

We provide an environment where children feel comfortable and happy. We are a small and personalized pre-school with approximately 1 adult for every 3 children; we have classes with 12 - 14 children and this is one of our most important differentiation factors vs. much larger pre-schools. By surrounding the children with love, happiness and fun we help them discover their skills and awaken their curiosity.

2. Training in Values

In ÁBACO we believe that training children in values starts at a very early age. Our activities are designed to help children understand the most important values: integrity, respect, solidarity, compassion and perseverance.

3. Program structured to prepare children for a better transition into School

Our program encourages children to develop academic, social and emotional skills that are the most important to achieve a successful transition into School. Bogotá schools recognize us for giving ÁBACO children an excellent level of autonomy and immense curiosity.

4. Tracking and recognizing the individual needs of every child

We perform thorough and individualized tracking of children’s performance so we may manage each child in the pertinent way based on each situation, always supported by specialists as required by each situation. Our objective is for children to discover their skills and accept their difficulties without desisting to work on improving them.

5. Team with an excellent track record and ongoing training

We have an exceptional team that has remained stable during the last 8 years. Our teachers and assistants receive training on an ongoing basis with deep committed to the children and feeling an inexhaustible passion for their work.

6. Exploration of curiosity

We continuously seek a balance between the guided activity and the free exploring activity to stimulate their curiosity.

7. Commitment to tolerance

In ÁBACO we believe that respect and tolerance are essential bases to achieve a more amiable and fair society and a happier cohabitation for the children. In our community, we find children who represent over 20 nationalities and we promote respect among students, teacher, for the kindergarten, the community and the environment.

8. Inclusion of families

We value and share with the families the children’s development; we are a open door pre-school for access by parents, grandparents, and the siblings of our children. We have spaces designed to share with families on dates such as Child of the Week, Family Day, Grandparents’ Day, and also have informal invitations for families to accompany our children.

9. Health Care & Nutrition

In ÁBACO, the health of our children is a priority. We consistently work to prevent propagation of diseases among our children. We thus avoid children from feeling bad when they are ill; and we understand the family mismatch when a child is ill and the traumatic experience of hospitalization. We follow rigorous health care and hygiene protocols.