Preparation for School

Our Program helps develop children in the necessary skills for their age both academic and social, so they may be reassured and may achieve the necessary performance required in any culture or school that the family chooses.

We coach families in preparing their preliminary list of Schools to identify with which the family identifies itself the most. We also assist families in their preparation for the interviews and observation days. Of course, we take the children to the observation day to Schools that so allow.

Schools admission results for ÁBACO trained children speak for themselves. In recent years our children have enrolled each year in the best Schools in Bogotá.

  • Colegio Andino
  • Colegio Anglo Colombiano
  • Colegio Gimnasio Femenino
  • Colegio Gimnasio Moderno
  • Colegio Gimnasio Vermont
  • Colegio Gran Bretaña
  • Colegio Hacienda Los Alcaparros
  • Colegio Helvetia
  • Colegio Italiano Leonardo Davinci
  • Colegio Los Nogales
  • Colegio MaryMount
  • Colegio Nueva Granada
  • Colegio Rochester
  • Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra
  • Colegio Santa Francisca Romana
  • Colegio Santa María
  • English School
  • Liceo FrancésThe Victoria School